The Road to Nowhere Means You’re Going Somewhere

This weekend was a big scheme by me to get Mrs. Awesome out of the house and somewhere different.  Little Awesome was really just along for the ride – or was he?

The day before we left, I told my beautiful bride that I only had two requirements:

a) We go somewhere we have never been.
b) We do something we’ve never done.

Now, I realize that we are broke as a joke and so zip lining over the Amazon River while whistling “Tie A Yellow Ribbon” was definitely out of the question.

I felt like the kid in that Disney Commercial that was too excited to sleep, so naturally, I was up early.  I made sure that the formula was made (and packed).  The Awesome-mobile was fueled and ready.

On the road, the sky was overcast and gray.  No importance… Rain shall not soil this da… It’s raining.

But hark! Off in the distance, what do we see?  Yes, that glorious Den of Hot Doughnuts Now – Krispy Kreme.  This month’s special offering of sugary goodness was Dark Chocolate.  I have a love affair with Dark Chocolate.  So much so I feel the need to Capitalize it.  Dark Chocolate.  I decided immediately that I would try all three of their wonderful creations.  Mrs. Awesome decides to play it safe and complete the half dozen with a few chocolate glazed with sprinkles.  Either way, it’s glory in a box.  Little Awesome enjoyed watching how the doughnuts were made and swore to cut a tooth instantly for a taste.  In my opinion, the Dark Chocolate with Pretzels was the clear winner of the morning.

Afterwards, we continued east and traveled past Destin, FL and onto Highway 30-A.  This road took us through Seaside, Florida (where the Jim Carrey film “The Truman Show” was filmed) a midst several hundred herds of people flitting about.  There were so many people in such a small area I honestly had no idea what special event was going on.  So rather than fight the crowd we continued on through Alys Beach and to Rosemary Beach.  Rosemary Beach was my favorite, but the weather would not allow us to stop.

Getting back on the main road, we discovered that we had almost arrived in Panama City Beach.  We were both surprised, because we didn’t feel like we had been on the road that long.  But here it was two o’clock and Panama City Beach was within sight.  Unfortunately, every restaurant we wanted to eat at opened at 4.  Shucks.

We had wanted to make it all the way to Apilachicola, but we had explored so much already that the time frame was escaping us rapidly.  Rather than suffer the wrath of the Awesome Dogs, we decided to head back west and see what we could find for lunch/dinner.

We initially tried Joe’s Crab Shack – but the wait was almost two hours… you know how cranky Little Awesome gets when he has to wait for seafood.

So we ran… and tried Bubba Gump’s shrimp.  I would have expected more varieties of shrimp, but all in all – not bad.  We had a few appetizers instead of entrees and managed to get away without spending too much and with full tummies. No dessert please – we had a plan.

On the road again and headed west in search of a sign.  A sign that read “Key Lime Pies made fresh daily”.  I am a h-a-uge fan on Key Lime Pie in the summer, winter, fall, and spring.  In my mind, there are only a handful of pies that you should strive to learn how to make correctly and Key Lime Pie is one of them.  Mrs. Awesome had her navigation skills masterfully honed and she was determined that I would not miss the turn.
I didn’t.
If you find yourself driving by this little gem.  Please make a legal u-turn and stay awhile.  Just reading the menu board was reason enough for me to reconsider my discovery plans.  The waitress was syrupy pleasant and gave us time to decide.  Mrs. Awesome ordered a pineapple upside down cake – I ordered Key Lime Pie of course.  Hands down, one of the top three Key Lime Pies I’ve had the honor of putting in my mouth.  A whole pie a bargain at $15.50 – had I the extra funds we would have brought one home and named him Terrance.

All in all, a pleasant trip.  Not necessarily the bungee jumping excursion I had built up in my head.  But spending quality time with my wife and son earned more stars and diamonds in my travel book than the Taj Mahal.

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