Sleep.  An Early Birthday Present

Sleep. An Early Birthday Present

The past few nights L.A. has given me the best present I could ask for.  Uninterrupted sleep.

Usually I am surrounded by Awesome, but when it comes to sleep, I’m surrounded by two dogs, and a boy who likes to move around in his sleep… a lot!

For the past few nights however, it has been a welcome change to at least some semblance of a good night’s sleep – knowing that the weekend is coming and the 5AM-6AM wake call is coming and I will wake up and make breakfast for the family.  All the while listening to the positive merits of “Mickey and the Roadster Racers”.

Some of you, as parents, have a very strict policy on children sleeping in your bed.

Some of you, as parents, wish that you could reclaim your pillow-top Paradise from the wily invasion of your child or children.

We, fit in the middle.  We do not like being climbed on Sam I Am.  We would rather you slept in your room, Slept in silence like a Tomb… We would like our eight hours in a row, now off to your room, to bed you go!

There are moments… precious moments.  Where the dog cocoon is positioned just right, Mars is in line with Virgo, and L.A. has played so hard during the day (Thanks Daycare) that he sneaks in quietly and softly enough that he respects everyone’s place, finds his spot in our bed, and passes out.  A few hours later, we find him sleeping peacefully, breathing deeply.  I look over at Mrs. Awesome, she looks at me, and we thank God for such a peaceful Angel…

Okay, the last two sentences never happened.  We got woken up and it’s early, and Mickey and the Roadster Racers is on.

Would you like sausage or bacon with your pancakes?

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