Less is More

It is the holiday season and Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone (Some sites seem Hell-bent on Just One. More. Day!).

I think this year we have spent less on Christmas gifts than we ever have in the past.  I can think of a few reasons for that:

  1. We’re all broke, financially strapped, or have our money set aside for different priorities.  This doesn’t make us less of a person, it’s just becoming more common these days.  
  2. What do you buy people who:
    • Have Everything
    • You don’t know as well anymore.  
    • You know for a fact, while a gift card is lame – it’s easier just to let them buy their own gift.
  3. Thought outside the box.
Did I take advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday?  Absolutely.  I did so from the comfort of my long wait in a Disney line on my phone.  I don’t particularly care for crowds – being that I’m naturally clumsy and I would hate to trip and fall and inadvertently take someone with me.  So, to willingly get up at O-dark-thirty with minimal caffeine and attempt to bargain shop does not strike me as a good time.  But since I was stuck in a line anyway, I figured I would use my time wisely.  Shopping mostly completed. Yes, I did imagine that last sentence in a female robotic voice.
Mrs. Awesome was quick to remind me of things that I had forgotten for Little Awesome, which led me on a Cyber Hunt to find the best deal. Sadly, I could not emerge sweaty and scraped from tall grass, holding the spoils of my victory.  I would have to wait for my economy (i.e. Free) shipping to arrive well before the Christmas deadline.
Since Little Awesome can’t read, and I know you won’t tell him (right? Stay off of Santa’s naughty list) we got him a large roll of bubble wrap.  It’s a simple joy that we can portion out and it was well within limits.  It’s like the expensive gifts, they’re nice – but kids prefer the box it came in.
I’m hoping that everyone enjoys what we got for them.  Motel 6 was running low on Shampoo and Conditioner, but they did upgrade to 2-ply toilet paper for the upcoming fiscal year.  We only scored a few of those before the security cameras swept our side of the building.
Do any of you enjoy Black Friday in the shopping trenches?  Do you get creative with gift giving to save money?  Or simply to add that extra touch of love and thoughtfulness to the season?  
Do you have any awesome family traditions?  If so, please share in the comments! Spread the Awesome around!
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